Take control of your day with our block scheduling system

Welcome to our ADHD Planner, designed specifically for individuals with ADHD to help them manage their daily tasks and routines. Our planner is based on the science-based block-scheduling system which is known to be effective for reducing overwhelm and increasing productivity in people with ADHD.

We understand the unique challenges that people with ADHD face when it comes to time management and organization, which is why we have created a planner that is tailored to your needs. Our planner includes a block-scheduling system that allows for focused, intense work sessions with the confidence of knowing that everything you need to do will get done.

Our planner also includes over 200+ pages and 350+ hyperlinks, daily, weekly and monthly spreads, an ADHD cleaning schedule, meal planner, and grocery list, and it’s undated, so you can start using it at any time.

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Our Story

Our story begins with a passion for helping individuals with ADHD. As a team of professionals, we understand the unique challenges faced by those with ADHD and strive to create solutions to improve their daily lives through our ADHD planners.


Specialist in creating ADHD planners tailored for individuals with ADHD. Our block-scheduling system helps reduce overwhelm and increase productivity. Includes features such as daily, weekly, monthly spreads, cleaning schedule, meal planner and grocery list. Undated and perfect for use on iPads and tablets. Order now and take control of your day.

Brilliant things happen in calm minds!
Patrick OEtterli
Founder, Owner
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